FAQ | StockBeep


What is Stockbeep?
Stockbeep is a market intelligence platform designed for participants in the equity markets. 
It helps you discover which stocks are moving today, and which stocks are moving right now. 
Our goal is to provide traders with actionable information and help them discover better trading opportunities .

Does Stockbeep stream live data like TradingView or Refinitiv?
No, we do not. Such vendors stream tick by tick data to you. 
It is their job to provide you streaming data from the exchanges.That is not what we do. 

How does Stockbeep work?
Our algorithms parse the market every second to identify price and volume events, then we display those results.  

How fast are the scans?
For Pro members, the scans update every second. 

How fast are the alerts?
Firstly, there is no such thing as real time alerts. That's just industry parlance.
An event has to occur before an alert is triggered. Therefore all alerts are actually after the fact. 
We'll say its probably between 1.2 and 1.8 seconds for you to receive an alert, depending on your physical location, hardware and public Internet latency. Performance on mobile will be affected when you are on public networks. 

Which markets are covered?
We currently cover the US and Australian markets, and we're looking to add the UK soon. 
If you would like to suggest a market, please contact us. 

Which stocks are covered?
We cover the top 1000 most actively traded stocks, measured by their average daily volumes over the last 5 days.
To view the entire list, you can download the data from the screener. 

Why don't you cover all stocks?
Because we believe in the Pareto principle. 80% of volumes are concentrated in the top 20% of stocks. 
These are stocks that we cover with greater detail and granularity. 
We see little point in expending resources to cover stocks that barely trade. 
Market makers and institutional traders rarely look at stocks that have little coverage or volume. 

Do you cover penny stocks?
We do not purposely cover penny stocks. We cover the top 1000 most active stocks. 
If a penny stock is within that list then it is included.

Do you cover low float stocks?
We do not purposely cover low float stocks. We cover the top 1000 most active stocks. 
If a low float stock is within that list then it is included.

Are pre and post sessions covered?
Only for the US market currently. Pre-market scans are stopped 10 mins before regular trading hours, allowing for a system reset.


Is Stockbeep free?
We are freemium. There is a free ad-supported version which should suffice for casual traders.
The Pro version is more helpful for institutional/professional/semi-pro/active traders.

Is there an ad free version with no delays?
Yes, the Pro version has no ads or delay on the alerts.

I'm not ready to commit yet. Is there a trial?
We do not offer free trials. The free version already gives you a good idea of the Pro version. 
To help you evaluate, you can sign up for the 3 day plan instead. 

Is there a contractual term?
No, there is not. You are charged upfront monthly on a recurring basis, and can cancel anytime before your next billing date. 

Why do you charge in USD?
Because all our costs are in USD.

Are my credit card details safe with you?
We use Stripe as our payment gateway. Stripe is one of the world's largest payment vendors. 
All payment details are handled by Stripe. We never store your card details.

Do you provide an API?
Not at the moment but we are looking into it. Do drop us a note if you have suggestions.

Can I scrape data from your site?
We can't stop you. You can try, but your IP address could get banned. 
As a serious trader, you probably don't want to experience such disruptions. 
Do contact us to enquire about our upcoming API.

Can I use a browser extension to refresh your site continously?
We can't stop you, its your browser. But it won't work very well and your IP address could get banned. 
As a serious trader, you probably don't want to experience such disruptions. 

Do you provide a mobile app?
Not at the moment but the site is mobile friendly. Please contact us if you have great ideas for an app!


What is RVol and how is it calculated? 
RVol stands for the intraday adjusted relative volume. For more information, pls visit our post here.

What do the colors mean?
Chg% is colored green/red when it is positive/negative. The higher/lower the Chg% is, the darker the shade.

What are the terms used?
ATH - All time high
ATL - All time low
52wH - 52 week high
52wL - 52 week low
Breakout - Moved above the previous day's range by at least one standard deviation. 
Range breakout - Moved above the previous 5 day range by at least one standard deviation. 
Trending - Upward movement usually accompanied with higher highs/close.
Downtrend - Downward movement usually accompanied with lower lows/close.
Reversal - Up today compared to the previous day's loss, or vice versa. 
Down gap reversal - Opening gap down but moving back up. 
Up gap reversal - Opening gap up but moving back down.
Intraday reversal - An initial Chg% loss but is now Chg% postive, or vice versa. 
Moving up fast - Current 5 min bar is green and significantly longer than previous 5 min bar. 
5 min vol spike - Unusually high volume in the current 5 minute period/bar compared to the previous period/bar.

Time - timestamp of the latest high/low alert
# -  The number of day high/low alerts generated for the day. 
5m# - The number of 5 min high/low alerts generated in the current 5 minute period/bar. 
ChO - Change from Open
ChO% - Change % from Open
5dsd - Standard deviations from the previous 5 day range
1dsd - Standard deviations from the previous day's range
Rng - Ratio of today's trading range compared to the average range of the last 5 days
5mV - 5 minute Vol
5m$ - 5 minute Change
5m% - 5 minute Change%
AVol - Average daily volume over the last 5 days. 
AVR - Average volume ranking
Float - The number of shares in free float.
F% - Float %. The percentage of shares in free float. 

Common usage questions

There are too many alerts coming in! What do I do?
Depending on the day's activity, the system can generate several hundred thousand alerts. 
To streamline your alerts, we recommend using filters.
You could also try using the examples to get started. 

How do I use the filters?
Click on Filters and input your desired values. You can save your input as a browser bookmark. 
For large values, you can enter 1M or 1B instead of 1000000 or 1000000000.

How do I save my scans or alerts?
You save them like any bookmark. On your browser, add bookmark and assign it a name.

Can I track my favorite stocks?
Yes, on all pages there is a search window. You can enter your favorite symbols and save your search as a browser bookmark. Take note that your favorite stocks still have to exist within the top 1000 most active stocks. 

How do I save my settings across computers?
You should sign in to your browser across computers, and the bookmarks should appear. 

Can I download the data?
Yes you can, there is a download icon on the top right. You need to be logged in to do so.

Why does your intraday data differ from mine?
All intraday data like 5m% and 5mV are approximate only and may differ from your own source. 
It should be somewhat similar most of the time though.


Why aren't my alerts updating?
1) Check if alerts are on Pause (yellow icon)
2) Make sure that Javascript is enabled for your browser, or for Stockbeep.com.
3) Make sure that stockbeep.com is enabled through your firewall. 

Why aren't my scans updating?
1) Make sure you are logged in. Then make sure that Auto update is on (blue color)
2) Make sure that Javascript is enabled for your browser, or for Stockbeep.com.
3) Make sure that stockbeep.com is enabled through your firewall.

The site works fine at home but does not work in the office. 
Different companies have different firewall policies. You can contact your administrator to whitelist stockbeep.com

Account management

How do I update my email address, password or credit card details?
After logging in, go to Settings. 

How do I pause my account?
You can't. All recurring billing is handled automatically by Stripe. We cannot put an account on pause. 
You will need to delete your account and sign up again when you are ready. 

Will I get a refund?
No, all initial and recurring charges are final. You will continue to have access until the end of your current billing period. 

How do I delete my account?
Please email [email protected] for account deletions.