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Gap up stocks today  —  trading higher above the opening gap

xindex Time Ticker Name Last High ChOp ChOp% $ Vol RVol Gap% Cap Comment

Gap up stocks today | NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX.

This scan identifies today's gap up stocks. We track stocks with an opening “gap up" and are trading higher beyond the gap.

There are two kinds of opening gaps – the full gap and the partial gap.  A full gap occurs when the stock opens above the previous day’s high. A partial gap occurs when the stock opens above its previous close.  We use partial gaps in our analysis.

Gaps often get “filled". What this means is that if the stock gaps up, there is a likelihood for the price to come down, thus “filling" the gap.

The gaps worth noticing are those that continue to trade in the same direction. These are often known as bullish gaps, breakaway gaps or runaway gaps.

To find stocks that have moved up the most since the opening gap, sort by ChgOp or ChgOp%. To find gaps that are accompanied by a surge in volume, sort by RVol. To find gap up stocks with the latest intraday highs, sort by Time.

The default ranking is by Gap%. This value measures the magnitude of the gap.

Stock scanner animations

Entire row flash green - stock has made a new intraday high.
Green up arrow - stock has traded higher from the last update.
Red down arrow - stock has traded lower from the last update.

Market coverage

We track the top 1000 most actively traded stocks across NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX. The 5-day average daily volume is used as the measuring baseline.

Our coverage includes constituents of the Dow Jones, Standard & Poor's, Russell and MSCI market indexes. The majority of these stocks have high trading interest from institutions and retail, with a minimum daily average volume of at least 1 million shares. Most are optionable with an available options market in CBOE.

Industries and sectors would include:

– Banks, financial institutions, asset managers, investment advisories and stock brokers.
– Loans, credit cards, insurance and mortgage providers.
– Industrial conglomerates and large service/manufacturing companies.
– Technology, biotechnology, healthcare and pharmaceutical companies.
– Property developers, REITs, hotels and commercial space owners.
– Energy, oil & gas, petroleum, chemical and heavy industries.
– Airlines, aeronautical and engineering firms.
– Telcos and media networks.

ETFs, bonds, preference shares and fixed income instruments are not included in our dataset.


ChOp – Gain from today's opening price
ChOp% – Gain% from today's opening price
Time – timestamp of latest intraday high
RVol – intraday adjusted ratio of today's volume compared to the daily average of the most recent 5 days
ATH – all time high
ATL – all time low
52W – 52 week

Stock scanner operating hours

Regular trading hours of the NYSE and NASDAQ – 9:30am to 4:00pm ET.

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